Unable to get TestSuits Collection on TestOps Remote Execution

Katalon TestOps I am unable to see any TestSuit Collection When I am Scheduling Test Run on Local Environment. I have tried both ways using a script and also attached git repo but still, I am unable to see local environment. Please guide.

Hi @salman.ahmad,

Apologize for the late reply.
May I ask if you’re able to select the Test Suite Collection to schedule your test now? If not yet, can you try refreshing your Test Suite Collection in Git Repositories? And re-upload a zip file?
If the problem still occurs, could you please provide us:

  • Your Org ID
  • Your username
    So we could investigate further.


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@thuyen.vu - I am having the same issue, I have a test collection suite added but it is not showing when I am trying to schedule it
When I try to add this dialogue box appears

I’ve been having the same issue. It would appear that the TestOps Scheduler does not like folders. You have to have all of your .ts files immediately inside the /Test Suites/ folder and not in any sub-folders. Would love it if Katalon supported folders inside Test Suites; my org uses nothing but folders to organize all of our test suites, so TestOps refuses to pick up any of our Test Suites through the scheduler.