Files in Folders KatalonProject

My folders TestCases and TestSuites contains additional files like *.xlsx, *.txt (not only *.groovy, *.ts, *.tc)
When i remove TestCase-Folder in Katalon all additional files in folder is disappear.

Can you make that they not disappear?
(let before moving folder some message ask me about containing not-katalon files in this folder)

this is a bad practice to store additional files in dedicated script folders (which are volatile with actual katalon implementation)
why don’t you simply put them in a safe location, e.g resources?

because for each new testcase you must specify a new path each time

and you need to create a folder structure(the same as the one in which the TestCase is located) for these additional files to avoid confusion between so many TestCase-projects and TestSuit-projects

If I’m following this correctly, the choice of path to access the resources is fully under your control. You should place the files in a folder over which you have full control - the scripts hierarchy is NOT a folder under your control.

I’m guessing your intention was to make the paths “easier” by making them relative to the script structure. That’s reasonable but flawed, as you’ve seen.

I’m moving this out of Features/Improvements because it isn’t going to be acted on - I’m sure.

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Hello @tod2020,

You could just add an folder in to your Project root and call the files in it with **/YourFolder/YourFIle instead of /YourFolder/YourFile…
I hope i understood your Problem right … And if your Problem then would be to change to many paths in your scripts, you could use Notepad++'s change in Files feature…