Spying/Recording makes .jsp page blank

Hello Katalon!

I have to QA a .jsp website. The website works just fine… until I spy/record it with Katalon. When I do so, instead of showing me the website normally, I can only see empty divs. No images, no textboxes, nothing. When I try to record with the add-on (Katalon Automation Recorder), everything works fine but Katalon Studio doesn’t want to cooperate.

I’m pretty sure the problem comes from Katalon not being able to “see” what’s on a .jsp page. I’ve looked online for libraries or other such things to add that option, but I’ve found nothing. The fact that googling “Katalon .jsp page” yields no result means either I’m the only person that hasn’t found a way around it or that nobody reported that problem. I hope it’s the latter.

## Error:
When spying/recording a .jsp page with Katalon, the page appears to be empty. ## OS (Windows 10? OSX Sierra?): Windows 7 Professionnal
## Katalon Studio Version (4.7?,
## Katalon Studio logs:
Windows (\config\.metadata\.log): No logs
## Environment (for Web testing) Browser (Internet Explorer 11? Firefox 52? Chrome 62?):
Chrome 63.0.3239.132, Firefox Quantum 57.0.4
## Steps to reproduce -
1. Open Katalon Studio
2. Spy or Record Web
3. Write a .jsp page as Starting URL
4. Start spying Since I’m unable to provide such an SSCCE or reproduce this problem with jsfiddle, I did not include those. However the problem will be shown clearly by the screenshots.
## Expected Behavior -
The webpage shows up correctly just like it does without running a spy/record on Katalon
## Actual Behavior -
The webpage shows up and all the content disappears from it, leaving only some empty

## Screenshots / Videos
Result images: https://imgur.com/a/lkUeD There are two images joined. The top one shows the expected display. The bottom one shows the actual result. However, even on the bottom one, when you inspect the page, you can see the textboxes and images.

I’m not sure if this is enough information, I’ll be happy to provide with more if needed.

Thank you very much for your help,

UPDATE: To circumvent the problem, I tried recording the Test Case using Katalon Automation Recorder and exported it to Katalon Studio. That allows me to run the tests. However, it’s a very annoying step to take (and I need to go through the script to bypass the limitations of Katalon Automation Recorder). I hope I’m making my life hard for no reason at all because I missed something somewhere. Kind of ruins the user-friendliness of Katalon.

I’m having the same problem using Maximo login page, any update or still in the same?
Anyone can help this?

As you can see, @Jean-Francois_Gagnie spent almost no time on this forum, certainly none since his last post over a year ago…


@gustavo.soares I would suggest you put together a new bug report mentioning exactly what version of Katalon you are using and which browsers.

Frankly, I think the original bug here was not related to Katalon – if in over a year it is the only time it has been mentioned, I find it hard to believe it’s Katalon at fault. However, I’ll keep an open mind…

For the reasons mentioned, I’m closing this thread but do post your own bug with the details I mentioned if you are not convinced.

Thanks for your understanding.

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