Blank page is displayed while recording a test case

I am trying to record an end to end transaction in my application.
The flow starts with login action

Katalon studio’s recorder is able to capture the login page objects and events but when i click on login (while recording is going on) the expected action takes place and browser loads the next page.
On next page no elements or div tags are displayed and only blank white page gets loaded.

When i stop recording and disable the katalon recording plugin (for chrome) and refersh the web page then in that case the welcome page is displayed

I am using lates version of the katalon which is 5.8
The application is based on angularjs
Chrome version is 70

Can anyone please let me know how i can fix this issue. I am new to katalon

I too am facing the same issue wherein after login on a page, a blank page appears and no elements are visible. This issue occurs only while recording using Katalon studio.