I’m struggling using the Object Spy functionality

Even in Chrome it’s just unresponsive by using Alt~ nothing got captured. Any suggestions?

Thanks Vinh, finally figured out the issue - it was simply due to my keyboard setting in order to capture objects I have to use Alt+ @



Thanks for the quick response unfortunately I can’t send the link to the website I’m testing because the access is locked down to internal office use only, however I have tried the BBC one http://www.bbc.co.uk/ and I had the same result I cant’ capture any of the objects present on the page -Cheers

Unfortunately I can’t see any green flash effect when holding Alt then pressing ~ I can see the message "Capture object Alt+~ Load DOM map Crtl Alt ~ but nothing happens when I do it

Please have a look at this comment. You can change the hotkey in the Katalon Studio ver5.4.1 Prefrences and switched to ‘Alt+a’. It works in both Chrome and Firefox.