Spy Web and Web UI difficulties when run Katalon with Mac

I have two questions:

  1. when doing Spy Web to capture objects, how to load full DOM Map? Again - in windows it is Alt + Ctrl + '. But how to make it in Mac? I tried all different keys, didn’t work out.
  2. And the last one - about keyword “Get …”. For example - Get all links on current page. I tried this keyword, it works, but where do the results store? I can’t find them anywhere.

Hi andy,

For clarification, ‘Load full DOM Map’ feature has been removed completely from version 5.0+, so you can’t use this feature anymore. That’s the reason why you can’t press Alt + Ctrl + ’ hotkeys
‘Get…’ keyword will return a value by default, so you can directly using it, e.g:

assert WebUI.getElementText() == 'Expected Text'

OR assign a variable to it and use it later:

def expectedText = WebUI.getElementText()