SOAP Webservice: Import WSDL from file system instead from URL

Hello Katalon team,

for some security reasons, there are Soap WS, which do not allow to download the WSDL from URL.

The WSDL is available in file system only and we would like to import them from there, the current package release allows URLs only.


this is MUST in our project please consider to implement

Or allow manual entry of the Service Function …maybe even possibly do away with it all together similar to SoapUI

still waiting for this important feature for a year…!
I am still bound to use SoapUI because of this annoying lack :frowning:

Hi all,

Katalon Studio 5.8 introduces new exclusive features for API testing project in which you can Import WSDL or Swagger definition from URL/File to Katalon Studio. You can also use draft request to test out with different data before saving it to the object repository.

For more details, please check this documentation out or get the latest version of Katalon Studio here.


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I have used Katalon Studio 5.10.1 to import my local WSDL and it works somehow.:+1:
But the blocking point for me is that I can not overwrite the internal Endpoint location in Object Repository :disappointed_relieved:
and I don’t whant to overwrite the WSDL data

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