[Soap] error when i trying to open\import wsdl from my PC

Can you help me in api testing? In soapUI my wsdl collection work fine. in Katalon Studio can’t import collection. i have a Proxy in my work. filled all parameters in the program settings

  1. create project Api testing
  2. create folder → import WSDL (catch error (picture 1) 1
  3. click cancel
  4. create → new → web service request → soap ->OK
  5. ctrl+v URL → request Message → my request → “Test request” →
    Error “Service Function is empty”
  6. click “Load from WSDL” → Error

Hi @dnetesov,

  1. Import WSDL can only work with WSDL file. You can not import a SoapUI project file.
  2. There seems to be a problem with your server as it returns 500 status code. Please check this again. This is probably not a bug from Katalon Studio.