SOAP API test proxy issue

And I have the same issue without VPN, get the same error

Moreover, I cannot send any test results’ emails from Katalon while I am connected to VPN and also I am not be able to connect to Katalon Analytics as well.

I also got same issue. When I sent API request in object repository it’s working fine.
But when I ran test case, I got connection timeout. I also connect to VPN.

And now it’s working if you checked Disable BrowserMobProxy option.

what katalon’s version are you using now?

Hai @Egor_Iuravin, I’m using version 6.0.4
My VPN using Pulse Secure

i am also facing same problem, how can i overcome over this issue.

I am also facing same issue.Any Solution to this?

Try by using Other Katalon Version.
I am also facing such type of Issue
Then I Just change the katalon version Its worked now
But I Want the proper solution for that
It is working for some specific version only.

So try any other katalon version whether it is old or new Just try.
It will work.