Skipping text input field

testing the App presently, but the recording has a tendency to skip input [text] fields on the rerun if there are multible input fields in a form (like name, address, e-mail, Phonenumber etc)

Secondly it won’t run a full test suite, only partially, like test on, but not two or three, despite testcase #1 was succesfull.

Any one knows what is going on here?


If you are only using the Web Recorder of Katalon Studio, it may be collecting references to the element that are too similar. In fact, when I first started to use KS, it seemed the text would stop at around 25 characters and the parts of the name that would make the element unique were not included (for long named elements in repeating group sections). So, perhaps you can check if the Web Recorder overwrote some of your textboxes because their “names” were too similar and then fix your element’s attributes so you have unique pathways to all your elements.

As for your “full test suite”, do you open the browser in one and continue with only that one? And do you have all the Test Cases checked to run in the Test Suite? Start at the simplest reason with the information you have given.


For your initial question, I think we’ll need more information. We need to see the HTML of the fields you are working with, and the test code/test objects you’ve tried so far.