Captures same fields multiple times in the web Recorder


While recording actions in our application , we performed click action in various field and replicate as duplicate in web recorder window.

We have attached screenshot of web recorder

So kindly solve the above mentioned issue.

What do you want Katalon Team to do? You performed click action in various field, didn’t you? Web Recorder just recorded what you did. What’s wrong?

If you are complaining about the fact that you are clicking on “different fields” but they are all being recorded as the same object “span_personal_other_details” that is a issue with the way your application has been developed, nothing to do with Katalon.

There is a way around this issue - use the spy web to capture each of them manually meaning they have different xpath, or manually enter in the xpath for each.

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Hi hpulsford / Kazurayam,

we are not complaining about the katalon tool and we are using the katalon tool since been an year for web application Automate test Process .

As we are recording the test case for a huge application with more number of fields in a single screen . And Here actually we are trying to convey that while clicking a single field, but the actions script created for multiple time .

Please suggest me on this .

Thanks in advance.

Complaining wasnt probably the best word for me to use - Now i understand the issue your having. Difficult for us to tell as ive never done a test that large so not sure if katalon cant cope with that many steps or what.

Are you able to replicate it every time you do a big script like that?
Does it only happen with that specific element?
If you just try recording a click on that specific element without 500 steps before it does it duplicate it x10?

I think for now your best step is just to delete the duplicate if this happens again, obviously thats not ideal but i definately have never experiecned something like this so im not sure what to advise.

Hi @Divya_T, what version are you using?


Thanks for the Response .

We will check & update for your above queries .

we are using Katalon version 6.1

Hi hpulsford,

We are currently using 6.1.0

we have reproduced the same issue where we are already in.

Root cause is that, recording a screen is done and when no action is performed for more than 5 -10 minutes and when we continue recording, objects are created multiple times and scripts are generated multiple times and this creates a major issue.

In this scenario, issue is repeated in 70th line and also in 600th line

Please find the screenshot for reproduced script

Please suggest me some solution

Thanks in advance

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Did you mean pausing the recorder or just leaving the website alone for 5-10 minutes?

Hi devalex88,

Thanks for your response

By pausing the Web Recorder and also by leaving the recorder without pausing for 5-10 minutes, repositories and scripts are recorded multiple times.

Due to this, a single click in the screen takes more than 10 seconds to record.