Katalon Recorder doesn't write in different text-input-boxes but everything in the same

I have three textfields, Katalon recognize all three areas but when I write something, it is only written in one of them.

There are three text-input-fields and when in there is something written and i press a button the text should appear in the Outboxex.

Html of the Inbox:


Katalon recognizes the textfields as:




In my test in there is for the step when setting the text:

Item: 9 - Set Text

Object: input_Basic_dx_texteditor-inpu

Input: (written input e.g.) “1.000”

Is there a possiblity to differ the input-boxes via Skript or to create another Object?

'Cause i recognized, that Katalon identify the difference in the id’s, but does not create three Objects but just one, named input_BASIC_dx-texteditor-inpu



Ok, i found a workaound:

Copy the Test-Object, rename it, change in Object’s Properties the ‘Detect object by?’ to just the xpath, change the xpath manually.

When anyone know a better way, i would apreciate it.

EDIT: Seems, that now i cannot use the textditor in other tests. So, not really working workaround

I have same situation,
I update Object element again, by click in test Object, choose Object again then it work fine with me.