Since Katalon v6.1.5 Test suite status is set to INCOMPLETE when all steps are succesfull

A number of test suites are run in batch (teamcity, from console) on a laptop. The generated reports - since katalon 6.1.5 using plugin basic report & apiKey in command - are used to evaluate the test run.
For the status of the test suite, the status in de CSV report is used.

All test steps for these test cases have status passed (see attachments). Is there a reason why these test suites now have status ‘Incomplete’? Or is this an issue in the CSV report?

Thanks in advance for your reply.CSV_Reports.7z (4.2 KB)

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@huynguyen @ThanhTo

I have the same problem with 7.0.4 version. All test cases (5 scenario) are PASSED but in Test Suite Result there are only 2 scenario reported and also marked as INCOMPLETE.


No need of full PASSED, I also have the bug in katalonVersion = when using plugin. I run 15 test suite in a night, and only one have the problem (not always the same but only on iOS)

Plugin receive INCOMPLETE

TestOps is ok

i closed this as it is inactive