Report showing 1 TC out of 4, showing incomplete when it ran successfully

So I have four test cases setup in a test suite. When I run the test suite, it runs perfectly. When a report is generated, under the Tests Cases Table box it shows me only the first test case and it says it is incomplete.


In the Test Case’s Log box when I drill down, I see that the other three test cases are listed a couple levels under the first one and they are showing as ‘passed’.


So what gives? Shouldn’t the report show me all four test cases in the Test Cases Table and all as passed?

Additional info:

I’m running Katalon Studio in CentOS.

The first test case opens a Chrome browser and goes to the application’s URL. As part of the application I get a pop-up that asks me to Select a SSL Certificate. I bypass this step using a new thread, run() method, and Robot class keypress. It’s the last java Chrome solution here: