Suite test status always 'Incomplete'

I have a suite of a few tests. I notice even though all tests are passed the staus always shows INCOMPLETE in the CSV report.

OS: MS Windows 10 Pro
Browser: Chrome
Katalon Vr: Version: 6.2.0

Step to reproduce:
Create a Suite and execute the test. make sure all test pass.
Check the CSV format report.

Note: I have ‘Basic Report’ plug-in installed.

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We are having exactly the same issue, after upgrading Katalon. HTML report displays correct information, but our customers use .csv reports. All their tests are failing, and the clients are quite upset. Hope this will be fixed soon as we did not experience the issue in February / March 2019.

Hi @mohammad.zaman, @julia.bykova,

Can you share us the execution.log file?


Thank you for your quick response. The file is attached. execution0.log (39.9 KB)
Please let me know if anything else is required.
Thank you,
Julia Bykova

Having the same issue since upgrading to version 6.3.3. Status in report.csv file is always ‘INCOMPLETE’, even though all tests are succesful. We use this report file as an automated assertion that tests are succesful, so this is really annoying. Please look into this. Thanks.

Hi all,

The newly released Katalon Studio version 7.0 includes this bug fix. Make sure you catch up with our latest version for loads of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Please first check out the release note and click here to download if you want to try version 7.0.0 (beta) in advance.



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Thanks for the Fix. Its working now.

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