Selected locator box not readeble when using Dark theme

I noticed that when you are using Katalon in Dark Theme(which I guess most of you do), the selected locator box for the object is kinda ‘greyed out’ when selecting additional properties with checkboxes.
The text is there but it’s just very uneasy to see it.

I gave up trying to use the dark theme when it first appeared. The annoying thing, when you switch back to light, it can leave remnants/issues behind.

No. I don’t use the Dark Theme of Katalon Studio because when i first tried it annoyed me a lot.

I am using it … and I get used to how it looks.
At the first occurence in Katalon history indeed, the dark theme was totally useles.
It was improved a bit over time.
This is mainly caused by the gtk (version 3 i think) framework used under the hood by the eclipse plugin.
I do not expect this to be fixed soon.
Theming in gtk is painfull.
Sometime you simply cannot specify a color for a given element type, but the framework calculates a certain ‘contrast’ based on obscure logic.
It is one of the reasons, as a linux user, I avoid any gtk based application unless I don’t have any other sane option.
Qt framework it is by far better developped and more friendly with regards to custom theming but I have no ideea if an eclipse-qt plugin exist (and if yes, to port katalon to it won’t be trivial)

On the other side, for some elements I preffer the grey border, more annoying for my eyes are the elements with white border (like in the @wolczoskar pic).
The contrast is too high.

But this depends also by the OS in use, e.g on native linux, the rendering is totally different (it mostly follows my generic theme applied)

So the actual issue is, on Windows, the framework does not apply theming properly for various elements.
Therefore differences in contrast and sometime goes on some strange ‘defaults’

So, if you like the dark theme, use Linux
(altough not even on this platform is perfect, e.g the Selected Locator frame subject for this topic acts totally strange, sometime indeed have a light grey background so the text it is not visible at all, sometime looks ok)

Conclusion: gtk is crap! (even on Linux)

Managed to reproduce it also on Linux.
If I click on the Object’s Properties list to select a locator, it behaves like that:

To make it ‘normal’ i have to click somewhere to move the focus out from that windows, e.g on the “Problems|EventLog|Console…”

So looke like it is doing that when the Object Edit windows is ACTIVE and a certain locator row is selected (the Selected frame is out ot focus somehow)
Won’t be easy to fix, the dev may have to inspect various states (it puts only the Selected Locator frame in certain inactive state? hard to guess)