Katalon v-6.3.2 dark theme have some UI issues

Image attached

above indicated some texts looking in black color that is not user friendly
like wise there are some places


I’m surprised that there hasn’t been more interest in this one, the current behaviour renders the “dark mode” option virtually unusable.

In addition to the screenshots above, I also get the “grid lines” still being displayed in “light” which makes various pages look quite horrific, especially when viewed (full screen) on a physically large display.

In relation to this post as well: Dark mode: black font on black background

I tried poking around some more to find where to adjust this text but I ended up messing up my colors in the process! :sweat_smile:

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Keep up the good work! :grin:

Hi. This issue will be fixed by upgrading Eclipse RCP platform (which powers Katalon Studio). It should be done in 7.1.0.


Is it likely that the future update of Eclipse RCP platform will also resolve the issue shown in my screenshot earlier within this thread, or just the “black text on a dark background” issue?

Thank you @damianallsopp. We’ll make sure it gets fixed too.

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