Select Option drop down Object Repository name length issue


When Recording actions for dropdown value, we have selected value from the dropdown and the object Repository name is generating for dropdown based up on the values present inside it. Note :Due to this KATALON shows alert message shorten the name upto 255 characters

Please find the screenshot for the mentioned issue

If I click “Ok” button in the alert, the repositories gets saved and after shortening the repository name and while saving "all the repositories are highlighted.

Please guide me to find a solution in this scenario

You should edit and shorten the name

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While recording text field or any other fields, the repository name are obtained by tag ,id . Based on this Object Repository name will get generated . FYR, Please find the sample Object Repository Name generation for "Phone no. " field .

Please find the screenshot for saved repository of “select” field

But for dropdown fields, the tag and id attributes are present ,even though why its generating object Repository name based on the text value .