Unable to the Save the WEB UI recorded object

Hi Team,

i am trying to the recrod the Web UI(web portal) and unable to save the recorded objects int he object repository. Getting the below error message.

can you please provide the solution to proceed further.


cannot save entity: file path length limit exceeded(358/255). You should shorten the name and try again.

Rename the object with very long names

We ran into this error using the WEB RECORDER to get around it you have to shorten the name of the object causing the problem. To do this Click the (SHOW CAPTURED OBJECTS). Highlight the line with the long name and under OBJECT PROPERTIES you have a edit box to shorten the name. Hope this helps

Hello everyone,

We have already fixed this bug in Katalon Studio version 7.0.0. Please check out the release note and upgrade to enjoy Katalon Studio with enhanced performance.