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Multiple search in tags doesn’t work for me.

My TestCase have 2 tags “tag1,tag2” in properties / tag field.
My search “Tags = (tag1, tag2)” return nothing…

Thanks for your help


tag=(tag1, tag2)

order of tags is important

a search with tag1,tag2 should return the same result as a tag2,tag1 search
if the order of tags is important, it’s unusable ! (imagine if you have 300 Test Case with differents tag properties…)

I agree with Olivier. Tags with basic operators is a must for me to use this feature. OR, AND, NOT to name a few.
For example, I have a test suite that is MVT (Minimum Verification Test suite) which is similar to a sanity suite. In that superset I want only tests related to a specific feature like JOBS. My tag search would be MVT and JOBS. That way I run only a handful of important (MVT) tests related to jobs (JOBS).

My query is “Built-in”. Is there another “Query Provider” that I should be using?

Hi! is it possible to pass in query some global variable?