Test Case Management with Tags

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Hello Katalon Team,

I was checking your Test Case Management with Tags plugins and tried the trial version in order to see if it can cover my needs, please let met explain :

I would like to add one or more tag to each of my testcases. Let’s say that for example:

  • TestCase1 has tag1 and tag2
  • TestCase2 has tag1
  • TestCase3 has tag3.

What I would like to perform when querying by tags is to have the possibility to query all the test that have at least tag1 or tag2 (results would be TestCase1 and TestCase2 test list).

For what I understand you can only search for tag1 and tag2, which is not what I’m looking for. Do you know if this feature would and could be implemented (or maybe if it already exists) ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.