Dynamic test suite and complex query


I faced with a need to create test suites (Dynamic test suites) based on the tags. But it seems that existing functionality is very-very poor
Currently if I providing several tags in query it is trying to find all the mentioned tags on each test case, e.g. I am putting tag1,tag2 and it will find only test cases where both those tags are…
But I am looking to run a query to find all tests that have tag1 or tag2, i.e. I need implementation And/Or functionality

Another thing I need is to have a ability to exclude from query, for example the test cases with tag3

So in general I want the search query will understand the query like this
tag=((tag1 OR tag2) AND tag!=(tag3))

Hi @viacheslav.levkoniuk

Thank you for letting us know. Your request is well received and we’re considering it. I’m wondering in the future, if we need to understand your need further regarding Dynamic Test Suite, can we reach out to you?