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I have different TestCase in Katalon that I would like to tag with multiple tags to find them later easily

So for example in my TestCase propeties in the field Tag :

  • TestCase1 with tagA, tagB, tagC

  • TestCase2 with tagA, tagC

  • TestCase3 with TagB, tagC

I would like to do a multi tag search on tagB AND tagC for example.
(It should return TestCase1 and TestCase3)

I tried :
Tags = ( tagB,tagC) => return nothing
tag = (tagB) tag = (tagC) => return only TestCase with tagC

I follow this help but it seems it doesn’t work.

Any ideas ?

Thanks you for your help.

Olivier J.

I gave up on the tags field.

Add your “tags” to the Test Case Properties Description field. Do your search in the Description field. Works exactly like you would expect.

Hi @olivier,
To enable multiple tags searching, please use this plugin https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/test-case-management-with-tags.html


Can you add a tag3 in your example.
and then, what do you enter in the search bar to find this TestCase whith tag1 AND tag3 ?

Thank You

This syntax returns me no result…

"search for test artifacts labeled with Multiple Tags, directly type on the search box follow this syntax: Tags = (NameOfTag1, NameOfTag2) "

The sentiment behind my statement “I gave up on tags” was due to them becoming broken some time ago. One of the devs responding couldn’t see what the problem was. At some point shortly after, I noticed searching the description field worked just fine.

Problem - now that’s broken too.

@olivier Sorry I misled you, that was not my intention.

@huynguyen @devalex88 @ThanhTo

This should be fixed. This used to work. When you fix it please implement this simple syntax:

word1 space word2 space word3
 means word1 AND word2 AND word3

  means word1 OR word2 OR word3

(Moving to Bug Reports)

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Hi Katalon Team,

May I know the status on the bug?


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