Running tests using Sauce Connect Proxy doesn't work in Katalon 6.1.0+


We have been running Katalon tests on SauceLabs successfully for the past several months. We use the Sauce Connect Proxy for testing internal sites. All of those tests run fine using Katalon Studio version 5.10.0 or 5.10.1. In Katalon Studio 6.1.0 and 6.1.1 beta, those tests are unable to connect to our internal sites through the Sauce Connect Proxy.

We noticed that in version 6.1.0, Katalon is automatically adding the following property to the desired capabilities that get passed to Sauce Labs:

proxy: {
   proxyType: direct

We can reproduce the issue in version 5.10.1 by explicitly adding that as a desired capability:


Is this capability necessary? Can it be removed in the next release of Katalon? Is there a way to disable it in version 6.1.0?


Hi Ryan, I am facing same issue with v6.1.0
did you raise an incident for the above issue. Did you receive any reply.