Remote safari driver integration issue


I am currently using LambdaTest as the cross browser platform for the test suite I am creating. I am currently running on Chrome, Safari, IE11 and Edge.

I am getting an issue when trying to connect to Safari. It looks as though Katalon is adding a capability which I havent specified and which isnt supported by Lambda. Has anyone come across something similar before?

I currently have Disable BrowserMob proxy checked and Proxy Option set to ‘No Proxy’ and all other remote driver integrations work.


@Joe_Batt, by default Katalon will set the proxy capability for remote web driver, and this might be the cause for your issue. We will consider whether it is necessary to allow an option for enable/disable this auto setting. In the mean time, can you construct an instance of remote web driver and use it with Katalon Studio via DriverFactory.changeWebDriver(driver)?