BrowserStack Proxy issues with Katalon 6.1

Hi there

I’ve signed up for BrowserStack to emulate access by the general public to our web apps - so that requests are handled exactly the same as if I were a member off the public - no firewalls and proxies. My test opens a browser, requests a page and then closes a browser…very simple. I then set my remote URL and run the test. In order to get out from behind our proxy I need to use Manual Proxy Settings. So the process is Katalon → Manual proxy setting–> corporate firewall → Browserstack → external access to web browser apps. This all works fine using Katalon Version: 6.0.5 Build: 10. However I’ve just upgraded to Version: 6.1.0 Build: 1. Running exactly the same test script now fails. Why is this ? and is there a fix in the pipeline?

Many thanks