Incorrect result displayed for test suite


After test suite executed when checked the report, there is deviation in results.

Please see the screenshot

Hi @pawan.singh

What version of Katalon Studio are you using ? Does this problem occur on smaller test suites as well ? Have you observed any commonality about the issue.

Hi @ThanhTo:

Katalon studio 7.1.2 version. It was first time we observed this behavior.
I am sure if I run same suite again it will show same behavior.

Will try to run with smaller suite if we observed such behavior will be informed.

Hi @ThanhTo:

While executing suite I encounter same behavior, What is my observation whenever the test suite has 3 digit count in test cases e.g 100 test cases in test suite and consider all 100 test cases gets passed, failed or error, In report it shows only first 2 digit ie count is 10 either (Passed, failed or error).