default HTML report contains execution details of single test case even if i executed test suite with multiple test cases selected for execution

I have a test suite which has around 150 TCs, i want to verify if 10 TCs are executed successfully or not.
I am doing this by selecting the checkboxes for those 10 TCs in a test suite and running the test suite.
But when after test suite execution complets after 1 hour or so, i cant see the exeution details of all the TCs selected, i can see only one of them.

Even in the report i see single Test case added in “Test Cases Table” in the report in UI.
Same thing i observed when i trigerred same test suite through command line Katalonc -arg1, -arg2… -reportFolder=“Somepath”.
how can i get information of all the TCs in the report, so that i can review the results offline.


While waiting other Forum users to support, can you please take a look at:

I will discuss with my team to see if any faces this problem before.

Thanks for the reply Elly_Tran. i already visited the places suggested for the HTML report and after a long time brainstorming and researching on internet. i found a thought to try one thing i.e. removing Test Listeners added in my project, since the project was created by somebody else already and i was handed over the project for verification just to see if we can trigger it using command line.

before that i referred to code inside the test listener and it was adding the custom logging steps in side the log file as expected for each of the TCs, so did not thought if that can cause issue to final HTML report in anyway. So finally removing the Test listeners from the project, i got the HTML report which contained execution details of all TCs along with their steps and their status and execution time etc.

Any reason Test listener causing this issue, i.e. Before removing Test listeners, the HTML report was generated but just details of one Test case only.