Renaming any test case is deleting test scripts

I am using katalon 5.7.1. I just rename the test case and application got closed automatically and i lost my scripts.


do you observe this behavior also on latest Katalon version?


I haven’t checked this on latest build. I am using katalon 5.7.1.

Thank you

Please upgrade to latest version, I don’t see such a problem there.


Updating to new verson will not affect the existing test scripts right? I am worried now. Cause i have around 100 test cases there.

Thank you

No, it wouldn’t.

But I dare you, backup your test cases regularly to some repository (Github or whatever). Anything may happen (even HW failure) and you’ll lose your tests forever. Just a friendly advice. :wink:

Oh thank you for yo advice!!:grinning:

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