Test cases are deleted after renaming the folder

I renamed the Test case folder after renaming,I lost all the test cases underneath that folder.I am using 7.8.0 in Mac.
Is there any way to recover?Pls urgent

Check that the files still exist in your file system (i.e. file exporer). It might just be that you can’t see them in the project explorer within Katalon.

This is my repository,I can see the test cases but when i view thru Katalon it is blank.It would be great, if you guys can help us or I need to recreate my project which is pain.

You should never rename the top-level folders in your project (“Test Cases”, “Test Suites”, etc.). You can, however, change the names of any subfolders.

To fix the current issue, try closing your project, delete the following folders/files:

  • bin
  • Libs
  • .classpath
  • .project

Then reopen your project in Katalon. It will take a bit to reload, as it has to rebuild the binaries.

Looks like this might have been fixing in version 8 :slight_smile:
Official Release - Version 8.0.0 | Katalon Docs


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Bug: An issue of deleting scripts when renaming folder name

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Great to know,Thanks

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