Reload Plugins Encountered a Problem In V7.4.4

Hi Team,

I am facing issue while Katalon Studio is reloading plugin from automation project. Please refer below for error message:

Please look into this.

Thank you for your report, we are investigating this issue !

In the mean time, if you have KSE license, in order to use plugin, please use Offline Plugin Feature as instructed in the video below:

Instead of logging in store, you can skip that test.

  • Open You can open a different browser than the one you usually use or erase cache to log you out of the page.
  • Go to plugin you need.
  • Go to changelog.
  • Download the latest Jar file.
  • Put it in project_name/plugins folder for normal plugins, or project_name/plugins/platform folder (create one if not exists) for platform plugins.
  • Open your project in Katalon Studio, and go to Project > Settings > Plugins , select one of the following options to use plugins offline:
  • Local : Katalon Studio will install plugins from the Plugins folder only.
  • Click Reload Plugins.

When the store is online again, you can adjust the setting to Katalon Store and Local to use online plugins.

Thank you for your patience, we are working on this issue.

Thank you team !! I am able to reload plugin using local option.

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