Regarding Katalon BDD - Test Automation for Jira, further ehnacements

I am not sure what is there on your roadmap on this add-on, but I feel some enhancements inline with below-mentioned features will be more useful.

Katalon BDD JIRA add-on, it helps to achieve test automation execution and its reports integration with JIRA which eventually helps track automation test suite execution live on JIRA dashboard.

If this addon can enhance further to get below-listed features will be more useful,

  1. Export Katalon BDD features files and saves them as .features files externally.
  2. Importing external features files into this add-on
  3. Autocomplete features, and scenario steps
    4.Error handling to make sure you follow correct syntax
  4. Backward update from Katalon studio to JIRA when corresponding test script comments are updated [ This is very much required]
  5. Execution report status history on JIRA

Please let us know what is there on your roadmap.

Hi, Any update on this, please ?

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I would settle for knowing how to get the BDD plugin to present “…the latest test execution results and artifacts right inside Jira’s Issue page”. See Katalon’s screen grab of the plugin’s test execution results in Jira. Has anyone see test execution results like this in your install? If so, how did you get it working?

I too would love autocomplete for scenarios and steps, but not just in JIRA via plugin, but also inside of Katalon itself. When you have a huge number of existing steps, it would be great for Katalon to show a list as you type, that you can subsequently pick from or just info that you are typing out a correct step that exists.