Katalon Jira integration: how to see run results in Jira


My customer has recently purchased Katalon 7. We have some studio and some runtime licenses.

I have in place a CI where I run my tests in a Jenkins node where, at the moment, I have a Katalon Studio, and I see the results in Jenkins.
Now, my customer wants to see the same results in Jira as well. What I have seen in the demo videos show how to manually create bugs in Jira via Katalon Studio, but doesn’t show how to automatically get the execution results in Jira. Is it possible?

Would it be still possible to do this with runtime?

Thanks in advance,

The “View Test Results on Jira” section of the following document

Is it what you want or not?




In fact, installing the Katalon Studio plugin and the BDD app for Jira will (upon available documentation) provide the possibility of writing executable specifications.
What I want is just to put the results of executions of my Katalon studio in the Jenkins node, in the Jira project.

Where can I have input on this?

Thanks in advance