Katalon Jira integration: how to see run results in Jira


My customer has recently purchased Katalon 7. We have some studio and some runtime licenses.

I have in place a CI where I run my tests in a Jenkins node where, at the moment, I have a Katalon Studio, and I see the results in Jenkins.
Now, my customer wants to see the same results in Jira as well. What I have seen in the demo videos show how to manually create bugs in Jira via Katalon Studio, but doesn’t show how to automatically get the execution results in Jira. Is it possible?

Would it be still possible to do this with runtime?

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The “View Test Results on Jira” section of the following document

Is it what you want or not?




In fact, installing the Katalon Studio plugin and the BDD app for Jira will (upon available documentation) provide the possibility of writing executable specifications.
What I want is just to put the results of executions of my Katalon studio in the Jenkins node, in the Jira project.

Where can I have input on this?

Thanks in advance

Hello @kazurayam, I am following you link about Jira Integration, but I have some doubs.

I configured katalon Studio with Jira, after, I have integrated one test case in followin sequence:

  1. Import Test Case from JIRA JQL
  2. select my test case from Jira.

I have seen into my testcase Jira the RunFeature step will…everythink is ok.

I dont underestand the scope of the content of the specified custom field

After, I have added some script into my test case of Jira:

System.out.println("some test with Jira ")
assert 2==2

I have add my Tescase in to Suite and run it.

Into Jira, I am able to see the new description and the field 'Test Result:

clicking the field ‘test result’ I see the feedback

I don’t understand the files into folder .zip.

How can I use this files? What does it mean?

The custom field where is it?

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Please follow this issue.
I do not have Jira Integration experience so unable to follow.

Hi @AndyCapp,

  • Those zipped files on Jira Cloud are reports. You can download and then unzip it.
    As in my Jira plugin, it works perfectly fine, here are report files when I unzip it.
  • About Custom field, you can check this document for more details.

If there is any concern, please don’t hesitate to ask us.
P/S: My KS: 7.9.0
My Jira Plugin: 1.0.14

Hi @huyennguyen, thanks your check.

Somethink doesnt’ work fine, I try to explain:

1)my setup of Jira

2)Katalon Studio Enterprisee 7.8.2


1)Run my suite

2)Test case very ease

3)check Jira’s ticket

4)download the files on Jira Cloud and unzip it.
I see this file

I would have expected something as your screen, moreover I cannot open the files

the page is blank

Am i missing something?

thanks in Advance.

Hi @AndyCapp
Would you mind doing some steps like below for me to determine where is the problem?

  • Step 1: Add The Test Case to a Test Suite > Run Test Suite.
  • Step 2: In the Report folder, choose the report created by the Test Suite > Right Click > Open containing folder
  • Step 3: Open the folder and Capture the folder content and send it to me

Thank you for your patient

Hi @huyennguyen, thanks for your explanation.
I am able to open the file from test Suite > Right Click > Open containing folder…very comfortable:=)

About my question, I was curious to clarify the meaning of the files saved into Jira’s ticket. The file zip was saved into Jira tickets has more files, I would have expected some file (like that I see into a folder of Katalon, instead I see more files (to see my third screen)…exactly this I don’t understand.

The last doubt, I don’t know the mean of the field ‘Custom field’ (first screen)

Thanks in advanced


Hi @AndyCapp,

I am one user of Katalon. From my understanding, ‘Custom field’ in Katalon is based on the configuration of Jira. Jira has feature to let us provide more fields for customized purposes. You are able to find it here: https://confluence.atlassian.com/adminjiraserver/adding-custom-fields-1047552713.html.

Best Regards.