Install and Use Katalon's JIRA add-on

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It is a good step taken by Katalon. Right now it has flaws !
What is the use of importing JIRA gherkin stories inside test cases? These cant be executed at all. Instead, on the other hand, if it can be pulled as feature files, we can execute them straight away.

My opinion:

  1. Option to pull the jira ’ Katalon Gherkin:’ to local and store it as feature files.
  2. User must implement the ‘Step Definations’
  3. User wil run the features using test cases / test suits. Here Katalon should automatically upload the results back to JIRA (now based on test case it is uploading. it should have done based on feature )
  4. It Business Analyst update the story, katalon must be able to pull the feature into local and update the existing feature files.

It’s nice that this is searchable via JQL, however when arranging the visible columns, there’s no field available for ‘Katalon Status’. Is this something that should be available?

(I’m on jira cloud)

I too have the same issue/question. I can retrieve tests from Jira Cloud NextGen project and add them to Katalon but the execution status field is not present in Jira.

When I execute a simple test with 2 lines, nothing changes in Jira for the subTask. I’ve tried Passed test and Failed test result.
KeywordUtil.logInfo(“Dummy Step”)
KeywordUtil.markErrorAndStop(“Failed Step”)

My NextGen project doesn’t have bug type. Just Epic, Task, Subtask. So I selected SubTask in the JQL and Katalon Jira settings.
I’m not using BDD or Gherkin so I cleared the BDD checkbox.

As mentioned, I don’t see “Katalon Status” in Jira. Adding custom fields is restricted by Admin, which I am not. How are the new Jira fields like “Katalon Status” added to the Jira (bug, Subtask, etc.)?

I can see this process replacing our dependence on another Test Mgmt Tool if I can get this part to work.

One more think, my Jira instance is Cloud.

I’m following up on my question. Does the Jira field “Katalon Execution Status” only appear after purchasing the Katalon plug-in for Jira?

The one downside to Jira is the help and documentation is in several locations and is not all current. At some point, Katalon will have to invest in proper documentation portal and move away from blogs, posts and multi-channel information and create an “official” documentation portal. IMHO, that missing feature is holding Katalon back from being a top-tier tool. I’ve read similar comments in other posts as well.

Case in point, my question has gone unanswered for 11 months…