Katalon Execution Result

I downloaded the Katalon Jira extension but I’m not seeing what I expectd. I see the Katalon BDD Fields, but there’s nothing there? I’m also executing tests in Katalon but nothing is syncing with Jira. How can I fix this issue?

Is this just due to deprecation or version? Thanks.

Could you please check the issue main screen?

I did see this earlier but I don’t see this part on my screen. I have the add-on installed but there is no pencil on my Katalon BDD Fields for this step “Click on the pencil icon, write a Gherkin content, and click the check icon. Make sure the content starts with Feature.”. I am also looking to integrate my tests from Katalon, is this the feature I’m looking for? Thanks.

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I have the same issue my jira Gherkin content sometimes shows and sometimes doesn’t. Did you manage to get this fixed?