Recording on existing TCs is bugged

Since i upgraded to 6.1.3, i’ve been having a lot of trouble working with existing test cases.

I used to start recording a case then save the progress and the next day use the web-recorder Play option to restore my application to the state i left it in previously.
This used to work correctly, even tho there are some annoyances with how the recording works etc… Now tho i have a lot of problems.

  1. The major one is the fact that sometimes Katalon will not save any changes i’ve made after the playback finishes. The recorder part works, it captures events and objects, you can rename them etc as normal, but when you click OK you get to pick where to import your newly captured objects and then nothing happens. You can select a folder, click OK, use all the 3 options (Overwrite, duplicate, whatever) and all it does is return you back to the recorder. The only option you have is to hit Cancel and lose all the work. It doesn’t even return an error or anything at all, it just does nothing.

  2. Often times the chrome driver seems to be bugging out, and it only works the first time you “play” something. Then if you have to stop it, close the window or something like that and then re-run it, you get a blank chrome window and it takes about 5-10 minutes to produce this:

I noticed that sometimes, not always tho, the chrome driver task remains active in the Windows Task Manager, multiple copies of it even. I’ve reported a similar bug long time ago, and it was fixed. Seems it’s back now and it’s actually worse since it makes it impossible to use the tool at all. You have to basically close everything up, check your task manager, kill all the chrome drivers if any, reload it all and hope for the best.

Hi @Dobromir_Manchev

  1. Next time this occurs again, please send us the log file, it seems like an important issue.
  2. I haven’t encountered this, but will pay attention.

Thanks for the 6.1.3 clue, it may help us identify the commits that potentially caused these problems. More information are always helpful. We are releasing version 6.1.5 very soon, it contains many bug fixes. It’d be great then if you can upgrade and see if these problems still persist.

Cheers !

Where exactly are the Katalon logs located?

It is available under Help > Error log.

katalon.log (418.5 KB)

Hi. Can you also show us the steps (and screenshots) to reproduce ? Is this problem present on every test case or just some very specific ones ?

Cheers !

Ok, i’ll try to get a screencast after my lunch break :slight_smile:

After some playing around, it seems that the problem is related to the repository management thing. It seems that if i select a NEW folder for the new objects the recorder has captured during the edit, it will actually save them correctly (together with all the previous ones) and basically re-create the whole repository structure related to the test case, in the new location.

I still have the 2nd problem, when trying to continue recording an existing test case:

katalon.log (200.3 KB)

Edit: To clarify, it’s ONLY the test recorder that fails to start the browser properly, if i use the actual test playback tool as if was testing and not developing the TC, it runs fine.

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