All Test Cases missing/erased after chrome update

So, I’ve been using katalon recorder (3.6.14) on chrome on windows 10 for a while, built up an impressive array of test cases and test suites over the last month or so… And everything was going fine.
In the past I had closed the extension window, closed chrome, chrome had crashed (for unrelated reasons) and I always seemed to be able to pick up right where I left off Katalon-wise–Until today, that is.

One errant click in task manager which closed chrome, followed by an apparent automatic update to the latest March 2019 chrome release ( 72.0.3626.121), and suddenly in katalon recorder, all of my test cases are gone. The test suites window is just blank.

(i know, I know I should have manually backed up each and every single one of my test suites to an HTML file, but there really were too many to make that practical to do by hand by the time I discovered that feature existed.)

I tried to look through the extension folders in my chrome user profile in case there was some vestige of my hard work left, but I can’t figure out where katalon is storing or was storing all of my test cases.

Am I missing something? Is there anything I can do at this point to get everything back?

Has this happened to anyone else? And have you found a cause or a solution?

The data was saved to Chrome storage. Please try opening Katalon Recorder, F12, go to console, and type, console.log); and see if it’s still there.

Hmm… Typing that into console returns a deeply nested array called ‘backup’ with…a length of zero, somehow. I’m not seeing the test cases, but when I try to expand any of the nested elements, they seem to print out TypeError exceptions.

Not really sure what I’m looking at here…Or what I should do next. Anything else I could try?

I’m sorry we’ve searched thoroughly there seems to be no way to recover Chrome storage data. We would like to apologize for this situation.

This does not help your case but we will support backing up data to cloud services in future versions to prevent similar incidents.