Yet another bug-ridden release of the Recorder! TOTALLY UNUSABLE

The last few releases have been terrible. I’m now on and there are some problems that making it impossible to use.

It’s ironic that these guys create test tools, and yet release what is clearly untested code.

The new ‘save’ option doesn’t actually save, and it fails silently, so you have no idea your edits have not been saved. You have to use the “Download” option instead.

Break point are being ignored. As soon as you set one, if you change test case, the ones you set are removed, making trouble shooting near impossible.

Text is not being escaped properly, so if you want to add something like Hello&< to a textfield (to test if your app is escaping text properly) you no longer can because the recorder enters the text will all the mark-up in.

If you copy a command and paste it back in at a different place, then the command you have highlighted doesn’t match what is shown in the editor.

If you add a command, then double click to run it, it fails to run (goes red) but if you run the suite, the new command will run (I manually added a Pause, so nothing complicated).

Copying, pasting and then drag and dropping the newly pasted command to a different position will show the command in the new position - until you run the text case where it will return to the original pasted position until dragged again. The 2nd time around it will ‘stick’.

Tool-tip pop-ups that try and get you to look at new features are sometime not dismissible, but when they are on the screen, then the rest of the UI is disabled. The only way out is to quit and start again

These have been discovered in my first 5 mins of use. I’m really not looking forward to the rest of the day, as I have lots of TSs to run!

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Thank you for listing out the issues, we’ll investigate and fix them in the upcoming releases. In the mean time, you can install an earlier version of KR of the old UI/UX.

Also “data-driven” tab has disappeared. Could no longer upload any CSV or Json file :confused:


Data-Driven is moved to Data in Test Explorer, you can add CSV and JSON files there.

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Great thanks ThanhTo, it works :slight_smile:
I did look to the online documentation and it seems it is not updated yet.

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Hi @Rob1

The Save option persists data to the local storage. Browser extensions cannot save directly to OS, so the only way to do this is through Download action which opens up a prompt to choose a location to save the file.

Please help me reproduce some issues you reported, details would be appreciated.

I can’t seem reproduce this

I can’t seem to reproduce this either

and this: