Record and Spy Web stopped working

My Record Web and Spy web stopped working. I am not sure what was the reason that caused this issue.

I am running Katalon 8.0.5 build 208, Chrome - Version 91.0.4472.124 (Official Build) (64-bit), Firefox - 89.0.2 (64-bit).

Record Web records only open / close browser commands. Spy web can open the browser, but there is no way to spy object.
When I run Spy Web there is no option to Capture an object in the mouse menu and Alt + ‘~’ does not work as well. Does anybody experience the same? Do i miss some plug ins or extensions?

Thank you for help.

Go to a different website and try again. It just may be similar to G-Mail that Google also does not support testing software.

@grylion54, thank you for reply. I actually tried it on different website. I just used google as an example. It’s good to know they do not allow to use their sites for automation.