Is the Spy object in current browser broken?

Can anyone confirm opening object spy in current active browsers are working? It seems to be broken in the new version for me.
I can open in new browser but clicking on active browser does nothing for chrome and firefox.

Katalon version - 7.8.1
Chrome version - 88.0.4324.146
WIndows 10

@ThanhTo anyone going to take a look at this? This is a critical function that is still broken even after I updated Katalon. Need some help here.


Hi, I just tested this and this functionality is working on my side. Please note that you need Katalon Recorder extension installed on your browser in order for Active Mode to work. Please try to reinstall the extension and try it again to see if the problem persists.

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That fixed it for Firefox… but I can’t get Chrome to work. I’ve reinstalled katalon recorder few times and also re-installed google chrome.
All the settings are correct -

Please start recording on your Chrome browser in active mode, right click on a page and click Inspect, and provide the screenshot of what is available in the Console tab mode ?

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I do notice the right-click menu doesn’t have “katalon capture object” option in chrome. And if you’re talking about console tab in Katalon - there’s nothing logged there related to choosing active browser.

Here’s the weird part - I actually reported this issue before - if i have Slack Open, then it works! As soon as I click on “Active browser” - my desktop switches to Slack - and then the chrome browser works with object spy.

@ThanhTo This issue is back again… and there’s few others reported similar issue. There’s got to be something flaky or erroneous in the app causing this.
This issue really needs to be resolved. It’s a huge pain point.

Hi @ashraf.madina,

Could you please reproduce the issue on the newest KS version (8.2.5) and confirm it persists?

Nam Nguyen.

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The issue seems to be resolved with newest changes

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Unable to capture web object after updated my katalon studio to 8.3.0 version. I am new to katalon, please help to resolve the issue.