RAM consumption off the charts

Katalon RAM consumption is off the charts. I thought Chrome ate RAM for breakfast but RAM chows down RAM like it’s a pie eating contest.

I couldn’t figure out why it is happening. But has been prevalent for quite a few updates.
This is when Katalon is idle. But when it is doing some heavy lifting it goes up to 3GBs.


The figures in your screen shot look fairly typical.

What would you consider “heavy lifting”?

Because Java :smiley:

On a 6GB RAM machine, this thing eating up 3 GBs is definitely an issue. I’ve created more labor-intensive programs that use a thousandth of the space this guy eats. Somehow I believe it can be brought down to something that doesn’t take the CPU hostage.

And by heavy lifting I mean, running a few test suites parallelly.

I can imagine. One of my setups uses 8GB and Katalon runs really slow – certainly can’t run much else when Katalon is running.

And this, btw, is ridiculous IMV:

Based on my experience, with 4GB, Katalon (or the machine itself) would collapse from endless thrashing.

@devalex88 @ThanhTo @duyluong can you get someone to publish more realistic figures. Frankly, those published numbers are highly dubious at best.

@arirfanshaikh23 Thank you for the report. Could you please share some information about your Katalon Studio usage, e.g. number of test cases, variables, test suites, test objects, etc.?