Katalon Studio Memory Consumption is too high, approx 5GB


Last 1 year I am using Katalon Studio for web testing and the memory consumption is very high. I have seen some old ticket related to this topic, but no proper solution mentioned anywhere. Katalon Studio version 6.2.2
Can anyone please reply if any solution or workaround.

Thanks in Advance


Please have a look at this:

The runtime memory usage of Katalon Studio is controlled and will never exceed the -Xmx value. There is nothing to worry about.


Hi @Hariprasad1,

Please upgrade to v6.3.1, we has fixed some issues that relate with memory consumption.

You can also apply the suggestion of kazurayam plus with these options:


in the katalon.ini file

We will continue investigating on KS performance issue and will reduce the memory consumption in the upcoming releases.



Thanks a lot for quick response Kazurayam/Dulyluong,

I have updated my Katalon.ini file as you suggest, also upgraded to latest version of KS 6.3.1. Now my memory consumption is reduce to 1.5 GB.

Once again thanks a lot.



To whom it may concern,

Katalon Studio version 7.0.0 is enhanced to reduce memory consumption by adding some JVM options.

Please first check out the release note and click here to download if you want to try out version 7.0.0 (beta).