Katalon Studio is taking a lot of memory in task manager


When I start Katalon Studio (5.7.1) it takes about 500-700Mb, but after recording a short/simple testcase it increases to over 1 Gigabyte of RAM (only Katalon.exe!).
Is this normal?
My system meets the system requirements: i5, 3,5ghz, 4Gb RAM, 64-bits Windows 7.
Are there attempts to slim the Studio down regarding to memory usage?


Sounds reasonable to me.

Mine is using 1.8GB editing seven files some of them large lib/class files. Running one test under development.

Win7x64, i7, 16GB ram.


After upgrading to 5.10.1, I’ve noticed increased memory usage. Mine is up to 2.7 GB on a small project: 1 Test Case with 18 steps, 10 custom keywords, 14 Web Service Request objects, 3 profiles with 7 variables each. Win10x64, 16GM ram.


Add these lines to your katalon config file. They cut the memory usage down significantly.



That definitely helped