Query on: Running remotely and paralel thread, Merging teams code in Git,Ex/Import of KatalonProject

Can we export the project to zip and import this project in another machine’s Katalon Studio?
Can we integrate this with VSTS to link for CI/CD Pipeline?
Can we run the scripts from Command line?
Can we run tests in parallel?
Can we run tests remotely?
Can we merge the team’s katalon code in git and checkout from GIT and reuse them?
Say, 4engineers working parallely and checks in daily and next day they come and take latest code and would that be possible and would that code works?

If so, please respond the approach or docs link…depending on that, I have to take decision on using this tool

so instead of invest time and do your own research you will rely on army of Katalon users to do your work?
You are actually willing to put your job/reputation in our hands? You are quite lucky that there is not an army of trolls on this forum…
All above can be found in documentation or here on forum. Do your job man…


I think, some respect is missing here. Is this the way, you treat the Katalon customers?

i’m not Katalon employee. I’m Katalon user. If you are paying customer, use payed channels to get answer.
This is forum where users of Katalon help other users with problems in Katalon in other words how to do things so they work.
I’m not willing to spend my time on questions where answers can be found just by reading basic documentation.
and to RESPECT-
RESPECT is something you EARN by your knowledge, actions, ideas… Not something that is given to you. And btw. you can’t buy someone’s RESPECT either.