Does Katalon support a solution for working by team?

We have a few testers that working for the same project, create different auto test case scripts/test suites.

Does Katalon support a solution for working in team (such as online and sharing ?), or we need to merge projects into one final project ?


You should share a single Katalon Studio project using a remote Git repository. See the following description:


Thanks @kazurayam : Can I use this method for merging API test and GUI test ? Is it possible to use SVN ?

I do not understand what you mean by saying “merging API test and GUI test”.

As you already know, Git and Subversion are all about source code control. Git and Subversion does not mind what is written in the codes — API test and GUI test — it doesn’t matter for Git and Subversion.

You can use Subversion. Katalon Studio does not itegrate with SVN but it does not matter so much. You can execute SVN command in the command line, or use TortoiseSVN and other SVN-GUI for any Katalon Studio project.

@kazurayam : Thank you, I see now.

We are splitting a auto test project to two small project: One for GUI, one for API/Webservice

OK. Then you are going to create 2 projects, and each will have its own SVN repository.

Are these 2 independent each other? Nothing to share among the two? If none, you have nothing to worry about. Just go ahead.

But many people have ever posted questions such as “how to share Object Repository between 2 projects?”, or “want to use custom keywords developed in Project A in other projects B and C, How to export and import keywords?”. Just be reminded that sharing/importing/exporting resources across projects would require your efforts in future. If you have any resources to share, I would rather recommend you to keep all in single project.

We are making independent, one person one project. But, maybe we will need to use GIT/SVN to hold one place for another project ?

I do not understand what you mean … but Git/Svn is mandatory tool for any software development.

My mean: Using SVN/Git for project that created by Katalon, not for developing software