Manage multiple katalon testers working on same project

Assume I am test lead and I have 4 to 5 Katalon automation testers under me. I would like to understand how do I manage the test development and merging tests from different users. As we work on single project with tight deadlines, its not possible to individually manage tests from different testers.

Thus, please advice how do i merge tests from different tester and execute them. I would also like to know any tools - git or others that can be also be used with best practices.

The outcome is each tester has developed a small set (eg - 40 scripts), these should be merged from all testers (5 testers) to group 200 test scripts. These will be linked to batch executions with test reporting there after.

Rana Pratap

We have been using git for this purpose, and it is working smoothly.

as long as you organize properly the project (e.g. every tester develop a feature in a separate folder in testcases) you can avoid the ‘merge conflict hell’ so git will just fit
and the lead can be in charge with managing the testsuites, to avoid work overlap

There can be different branches for each of the automation developer. So they will work on there own branch. Then merge the branch one by one to master after code review. You can use Jira ID / Test Rail ID as the name of the Branch. Every time a task is assigned to automation developer they can start working on a new branch with the Jira ID / Test Rail ID.

Hi All,
Thanks for the info provided, I have now included Git/Source Labs in the proposed solution.
Thanks once again…
Rana Pratap