Remote Team trying to Implement Katalon

I am the lead of a QA team at my company and we are using Katalon Studio to write automation for our daily work.

The one thing we are struggling with, is because we are remote we have been struggling to keep all of our tests synced.

Is there an easy way (besides the Git integration) to house all the tests somewhere where we don’t have to email the tests back and forth to keep each other updated?

Maybe there is something I just haven’t thought of yet.

I mean you could keep the project in a shared directory which you whole team can access via a network connection, but that can get very confusing with whos working on what and when so i dont recommend this.

Honestly i dont really understand what you expect - source control is by far the best way of tackling this and will be the most efficent way for you and your team going forward. Katalon already has built in Git integration which makes it even easier :slight_smile:

Git is the best way.Everyone can manage there own branch and merge it the way you want.

OneDrive / Dropbox is another solution. You sync up the Katalon project folder in with OneDrive / Dropbox.

Unfortunately from what I can tell, Katalon doesn’t support Git 2 Factor Authentication, so I can’t actually sync my repo with Katalon unless I am completely missing something.

Yea i think your right, there a ticket raised for this to be improved in the product but i dont think any action has been made on this by the looks of it. Maybe @Liam_B could give an update on whether or not this has progressed ?

Yeah, that’s why I said besides Git, I would use it, but currently Katalon doesn’t support it fully so it’s unusable for us.


Yea then i really dont have any sustainable ideas for you other than a shared directory of some sort. But this can cause mayjor issues in the long run. Maybe someone else will come along this thread and solve all ur issues :wink:

You don’t need to use Katalon’s Git integration, just use your own Git repo as usual. This is what we do and it works great.