How to merge two projects? What to copy?

Hello Katalon users,

Please is there a chance to merge two projects into one? Like Im working on a same page like my colleague and Im working from part A to P and he is working from P to Z {alphabetically}. Everything like test case, suite, objects and so on has its own folder. The question is, what do I have to copy from his project folder into mine so at the end we would have only one folder/project with merged work from A to Z {alphabetically}.

Yes, git would be a option, but not for me, as in the company we are using git enterprise and login into that is through intranet and katalon does not support SSH key for git to bypass the userid/pwd login. So I need to find a way how to merge mine and colleague project into one.

Anybody has tried this?


Is it the case? Really? I can’t believe it, though I haven’t checked it. But if so, it’s a serious defect.

If Katalon Studio’s Git integration does not work for you, alternatively you can rely on the good-old git in the command line. I always do so.

it depends on your actual project structure, but mainly, the highlighted folders in the pic are of interest for what you need:


This is also what I used to merge many project together.

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I was wondering yesterday after my post if this would be an option and it looks like luckily it is. Good old way :}

Sorry to resurrect a very old thread but can desired capabilities be copied if we want to merge projects?
eg (under ‘Settings’ -> ‘Internal’ -> ‘’) or should this be added in Katalon itself?