Programmaticallyadd/delete TestSuite, TestCase, etc?

Is there a way to write some code to add programmatically (java/groovy) test suites to the testsuites root folder and test cases to the test cases root folder?
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Loosely speaking, yes.

Groovy (and Java) can manipulate the file system in any way you wish. Copying/moving files around, included.

Is there a built in method to do that? No. You’d need to write a custom Keyword to do it.

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thanks for your prompt reply. Do you have any knowledge of which classes/packages to use for it?

to obtain something like:
TestSuiteRootDir.addNewTestSuite(“my new TS”);

without using dialog or graphic interface classes…

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You’re very likely to want and some of its friends:

thanks again. Am I not supposed to use Katalon packages (“com.kms.katalon…”) to create TestSuites and TestCases instances???
Do I have to create folders with ordinary File.IO classes only?..
What about the .groovy files and the .ts / .tc files created by using the GUI?


I was answering your original question as best I could understand it. I don’t know if the katalon APIs provide what you need.

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Hi there

Katalon Studio does not provide you with these capabilities. But Katalon Platform does. It’s a set of APIs we are building to extend Katalon Studio’s existing capabilities. These extensions include the ability to create/modify Test Case and Test Suite. Please read the following.

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Thanks to you all for the useful suggestion!