Please Add "GroovyShell App" project-type to Katalon Studio

In the ‘‘8.x’’ branch it would be great to have the ability to develop Groovy/Java executables within KS. It is already proposed that the IDE come-of-age by allowing JS development natively, but to add simple tooling apps written in Groovy/Java would be a positive step, in my view.

It would then be possible to write DevOps code for testing, all in Katalon Studio.


  1. Copying test data into position prior to a suite run.

  2. Copying/moving systems between servers based on Suite results.

  3. Any other DevOps type operation you can imagine!

@ThanhTo You have seen some of my tooling stuff (which I wrote as test cases). If I could rewrite those as simple shell scripts and call them using something similar to callTestCase (perhaps callShellScript ?) that would be much better.


Hope you like the IDEa :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the suggestion, added a feature request. Though I think Java already provides an interface Process that allows you to execute an executable file on the OS already. You can look into it if interested :grinning:

Yes, I know. That’s not what I’m asking for.

Sorry @ThanhTo, I was in a rush, earlier.

Normally, a TC adds all the stuff required by groovy to make a script class and anything required by Katalon to make it runnable.

The proposed GroovyShell project-type would not do that because the script does not need to be executed by Katalon.

So, my script then is just a script that can be passed to the shell for direct execution by the runtime.

Is that clearer?

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